Online Manuscript Catalogs

The study of the medieval Middle East is often reliant upon works which are still in manuscript.  This is especially true for the late medieval Middle East, where most works, even very important works, have not been edited.  Some resources already exist.  For print catalogs of Islamic manuscripts, some of which have been digitized, see the section “Catalogues of Manuscripts and Related Materials” in Jan Just Witkam’s Reference Page.  For the same for Syriac manuscripts, see Manuscripts (and a project by is digitizing Wright’s British Library catalog).  But an increasing number of libraries are posting their catalogs online, and the purpose of this page is to bring together the links to relevant manuscript catalogs online.

The list is alphabetized by city name, and within a city alphabetized by institution name.  This list is very incomplete, having been compiled only as I needed something, but I shall happily receive suggestions for additions.


University of Birmingham, Cadbury Research Library:


Cambridge University Library:

Jesus College, Old Library:

Trinity Hall, Old Library:


Trinity College Dublin:


British Library:

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland:

Scholar of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS):

Wellcome Trust, Wellcome Library:


University of Manchester, John Rylands Library:


Bayerische Staatsbibliothek


Oxford University, Bodleian Library:

St. Antony’s College, MEC Library:

Wadham College:


Bibliothèque nationale de France:

Princeton, NJ

Princeton University:

St. Andrews

University of St Andrews, Special Collections:

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